Misty days

Often on a Sunday, we host Sunday Suppers.  Tonight not so and I got to going through some photographs I took one Sunday morning in June.  Each season has its moods.  These epitomise our winter mornings. This Sunday dawned misty and I grabbed my “proper” camera rather than my mobile.

The two photos that follow are taken from the corner on which we live:  the first looking down the road and the second up the Road to Nowhere.

Taken at 08.24
Taken at 08.25

And then the mist came down.

Less than 30 seconds later looking west-ish past our drive way gate.
And then I went back up the hill, looking down past the house at 08.28
At 09.48 from our stoep towards the driveway.

None of these photos has been edited.  The last week or so has been an odd one.  Three people I care about have lost people they care about.  I wish them well as they make their way through the mists of grief into the light.

Until next time
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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