Dotty about blue – PowerHouseCreatives contest – 30 June 2019

It’s a toss up as to whether blue or purple is my favourite colour.  Our house is full of bits of blue crockery that I have acquired over the years.  It’s a thing now, that I shouldn’t be buying things blue.  Anyhow, initially, I wasn’t sure that I’d participate in this week’s contest because, as I keep on saying, contests are not my thing, but here I am.  Because I am drawn to all things blue….

Before I get to it, here are the details of this week’s contest on Steemit:

Remember this fun little game, ‘eye spy with my little eye’ that you would usually play on your roadtrips? Basically, for those who have not heard of this game before, it’s pretty simple. The gamemaster would say ‘eye spy with my little eye something ROUND’! And everyone would have to guess what the gamemaster is refering to that can be seen along the road.

For this week, you have to do is photograph the object and write about it!

Contest :

Eye Spy With My Little Eye v2

The prompt – I spy with my little eye something….. Blue and Round! Criteria :

1. Take a photo of something blue and round!

2. That photo must be taken recently, no more than 7 days old. (I trust you peeps on this)

3. Write about that object/person/etc

4. Entry must not be less than 350 words cause who knows, you might get curie or ocd 🙂

5. Add a nice title to your entry.

So, as usual, I’ve used creative license.  All the photographs that follow have been taken today (talk about cutting it fine…).  I’ve chosen the pieces because each of them has its own story.  Some are fresher in my memory than others.

First, this jug and bowl set.  It’s more than 20 years old and is used regularly for Sunday Supper, and the handle has had running repairs at least once.

Second, this little moon plate is sister to a sun which pair I bought on a trip to Mallorca 20 years ago this year.  I caught the bus to Fellanix which is known for its ceramics.

I came away with more than that pair:  some wonderful, rustic paella dishes which had rounded bases;  they were glazed inside, but not outside and the ancient design was such that they could be used on both the stove top and the open fire.  Alas they didn’t get home with me as the delicate bases shattered en route in my suitcase.  This jug and basin set did, though.

The set sits next to one of my most favourite pieces:  a dotty jug which is also about 20 years old.  I can’t remember whether I bought it from the potter’s gallery or from the potters’s studio.  The dotty mugs that sit on the shelf below, I do recall our getting them.

From the Millstone Pottery in McGregor – before we moved to McGregor – and before we got to know the potters, themselves, let alone expected to live here.  The stripy pair are Paul’s work, too, acquired after we moved.  Those mugs, as with everything else are in regular use.  The Husband, for whatever reason, has declared that the striped ones are Saturday mugs.  The dotty ones, Sunday.  Why?  I have no clue.  Best not to ask.

Returning to things round and blue, this set of six I did buy at the Potter’s Market which happens twice a year, in March and November in Cape Town.  I spent ages selecting six different ones.  I have also had these for more than 20 years, so The Husband had no say in much of the blue crockery.  He chose me.  He had no choice with the crockery.

After my visit to Spain, I decided that I’d try to collect a piece of crockery from every country I visited.  This little dish, which makes a “set” along with the sun and moon, is from Japan when I visited there in 2001.

With apologies for the dust. We live in a dust bowl and this display hangs just inside the kitchen door which is open most of the time. Not sensible because I have clearly created my own dust trap!

The complete set:  two blue and round; one blue and yellow.  Ceramics from two continents.

Last but not least, one of my favourite pieces and which, was an impulse buy with The Husband before The Husband was The Husband.  We were in a little seaside town and were browsing in one of those shops that sold everything from suntan lotion and bathing suits to kitchen utensils and yes, enamel.  I love red and blue enamel.  I also love white enamel with blue.  I have to be physically restrained from buying it whenever I see it.

There was no restraint when it came to this little bowl. It’s the perfect size in which to rest a batch of koeksister batter – it’s used a lot.  It’s also the perfect contrast to the beautiful red chillies that have been sitting in it for the last couple of days waiting for my attention.

Until next time
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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