Faux Daikon Pickle

One of the many wonders of living in McGregor is the fresh produce.  From our garden and generously shared with us.  We are often blessed with garden loot and I have to think of what to do with it.  Like the other day when I was presented with a bunch of Icicle radishes that look just like mini Daikon.  And their grower told me, they have a similar flavour and texture.

We were heading off for our break, so what was I to do with a bunch of giant radishes?

Being too Scottish to chuck it in the compost heap, and following her suggestion, I pickled them using a Japanese style recipe.

Japanese style pickled radish

500g radish/Daikon
1 cup warm water
½ cup rice/apple cider vinegar*
2 tablespoons salt (I used coarse sea salt)
5 tablespoons granulated sugar

cloves garlic – 1 for each jar
chillies – to taste
carrots – also cut into crudité**

Trim the radishes and cut into crudité.  Place in cold water while you prepare the brine by simply dissolving all the ingredients together.

Dry pack the radish into sterilised jars and then cover with brine and close.  All the recipes that I found (and this recipe is based on all of them) suggest that these pickles are ready in about 2 hours.  We opened them at the market on Saturday and Rustic Ronnie, she who gave me the radishes, promptly bought the largest jar, pronouncing them delicious and with the intention of using them on her canapé platters.

The finished product: faux Daikon pickle

* I used apple cider vinegar because, as usual, I was not prepared and I don’t keep rice vinegar, usually.  GoG (Good old Google) informed me that apple cider was a better substitute than white wine because it’s less harsh.
** Adding the carrot, I’m told makes the pickle more Korean.  Perhaps my Asian readers can confirm (or otherwise) this?

Post script

I am doing this a lot and I apologise to my followers and mates in @steemitbloggers and @teamsouthafrica – I’m not touching sides and have taken a few minutes out of Sunday Supper prep to do this, and also to keep a promise to a friend who wanted this recipe!

I have at least two uncompleted drafts waiting for attention and I hope that I will have a little more time next week (Monday to Wednesday, anyway) to begin resuming normal programming!

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