There’s a mouse in the house…

Our week began, that Monday, in the wee hours of the morning. 


It’s Wednesday and you’re expecting another episode of Pearli’s Pickles.  This week, though, I thought I’d tell a story that includes both Pearli and Melon.  Just because I can.


The Huntresses’ Competition

Both Melon was, and Pearli is, a huntress of note, and give a whole new meaning to food-on-the-run!


Our week began, that Monday, in the wee hours of the morning.  Simultaneous with a scrabbling around behind the headboard, a cat launched herself off a rather soft spot on The Cat’s Mother’s abdomen and into mid-air.  The Husband, who could sleep on a washing line, was dead to the world.

“Humph!” he responded to my urgent, “there’s a mouse in the house!” and turned over…

I went to investigate.

Ginger Melon MP had caught a mouse and brought it upstairs: no doubt, and hopelessly, expecting coos of delight and pride from her humans.

I discovered that she and Tiger Pearl were both trying to corner Mouse: they were staring longingly into the too-small-for-them-space under the bed.


Having considered whether, realistically, there was anything I could do to corner and rescue Mouse, and bearing in mind that cats are far more effective hunters than I could ever be, particularly at 2.30 am, I got back into bed, bracing myself for the frenzy that would, inevitably, come.

Mercifully, for both the wee timorous beastie, and the somnolent humans, I soon heard a growling, a squeak and, aargh, a crunch!  A sure sign that one of the cats had caught Mouse.

Melon had, and was telling Pearli, in no uncertain terms, that it was hers!

Then began the process of herding Melon, hopefully, out of the bedroom, down the stairs and into the garden where she might eat her early breakfast, allowing me to crawl back into my warm med bed for some fitful sleep before the real beginning to the week….

Pearli’s Pickles will resume next week.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! But, have to say, you’re lucky!!! Rory has decided I needed some ratatouille type presents lately and am SO bad at dealing with this!!! What can I say! xx

    1. Oh, dear. Rosie, the tortoiseshell, who will feature at a later date, used to do it all by stealth, but leave the really nasty bits that she wouldn’t eat – just where one puts one’s feet as one gets out of bed. As you say….

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