Black and white

That old cliche that nothing in life is black and white is also a truism.  I’ve not been here for a while because it’s been a very interesting time:  I came to a crossroads

That old cliche that nothing in life is black and white is also a truism.  I’ve not been here for a while because it’s been a very interesting time:  I came to a crossroads and had to make a very difficult decision.  To give up my day job.

Just on a year ago, I was increasingly less able to manage the jaundice that was developing in my working environment and then my work encroached on my blog space. As you know, posts have been sporadic over the last 18 or so months:  it’s not for lack of material, but rather an inability to focus because the jaundice had become a cancer.

It had to be excised.  Living in one of the most beautiful places in the world (I believe) no longer soothed my soul in the same way because I didn’t have the energy to enjoy it.

Early winter colours over my beloved McGregor

Back to not having a day job.  Terrifying and liberating, that decision has been. Liberation came with the deciding. The terror is because, I am again following my heart, leaving the toxicity of what was my “day job” to start something using skills and resources I am only just beginning to recognise as having value outside that milieu.

I am doing more cooking – regular Sunday Suppers @ The Sandbag House – and have even had the privilege of having a Sunday Supper documented by professional photographer friend, Selma.

In action: cooking Selma’s Sunday Supper

You will find her take on Sunday Suppers here – and while you’re there, explore her blog and fabulous photography.

And, some of the recipes for Sunday Suppers, are Fiona’s Favourites and already feature here – check out the leaflet below, which is how I market them in the village.  You can find out more on The Sandbag House Facebook page.

New recipes have emerged;  as I said, I’m not short of material….

So, it seems, I’m getting my groove back.  Cooking and little bit of writing.  As I start my new journey which has seen me learning how to do a website on another platform, I am doing more cooking and taking the odd photograph.  Like these two.

Both are in a house are included on that website (still a work-in-progress), and my new venture.  The first, a beautiful pestle and mortar with a lemon squeezer.  The latter, I am sure, would be much happier in my kitchen!  How’s that for a confession?

Here, I just liked the contrast of the stainless steel against the surfaces.  The property owner was a little alarmed.  Fiona, that’s so ugly, the surface is not good….

So, until next time, the photographs are all that are black and white….in my life at the moment, anyway!

16 thoughts on “Black and white”

  1. Wow… I saw the notification in my email and blinked! Then I smiled.
    Howzit! You are looking well.
    I wish you absolutely everything of the best in your new adventure!

    1. Bless you, Ark! Thank you – on all counts. And now I have a big smile on my face. I’ve missed this space and the peeps and really need to get back into it….one step at a time…

      1. I checked out your FB page already. Looking super duper.
        Am I reading this right, Fiona? You are cooking at home and opening your res. on Sundays for supper?

        1. Yip, exactly. Kind of pop up job. This week has a heritage focus. More details there tomorrow. Did you just like the page?

          1. Loved it. I mentioned it to my crew. They are amazed you are able to get away with the prices you set. My wife took a peek and thinks you are very brave. Me tool!
            When we are next in your neck of the woods we will pop in for a meal!

            Again, kudos. And more power to your mixing bowl!

          2. Ah, thank you so much. And do check out the Destination McGregor Facbook page/Instagram account – I feature our establishments there. Would really be lovely to meet you in person and, of course you and your lovely wife will be most welcome at our table!

            And as for brave, The Husband is convinced I’m a stark raving lunatic doing this… 😉

            Thank you for the good wishes – most appreciated 😀

  2. I have missed your “colourful” and often delicious blog articles too. You should work for the local (called Chamber of Commerce in the USA) advertising folk in your area!

  3. Lovely to get a notification for a blog post today. I’ve missed them. Good luck with your new ventures and i love the black and white photos, especially of that beautiful pestle and mortar

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