“Colourless” reflections

I have had reason, over the past three or so months, to take fun photos – for both holiday memories and for other reasons. Sometimes I just point and click, and at others, I point and click wondering

I have had reason, over the past three or so months, to take fun photos – for both holiday memories and for other reasons.  Sometimes I just point and click, and at other times, I point and click, wondering whether the photograph will reflect what I think I see.


Like this bench, silvered by the weather, in contrast with the verdant green of the trees that shade it from the baking summer sun.


This beautiful, apparently smooth bisque ware in contrast with the rustic shelving on which it waits, before it’s glazed and fired to show its true colours.


With the light behind them, the colour disappears from these little pots on a skylight sill.


The beautiful monochrome of the raku glazing on these pots at Millstone Pottery in McGregor.

That particular day, having finished our meeting at the pottery, Suzie Wine and I headed to a local coffee shop to continue our meeting.  It was a balmy summer’s day.  Humid as only McGregor can get when storm clouds tease us with the promise of rain that generally doesn’t fall.  The disappointment of no rain is only somewhat compensated by thundery light.


Turning usually bright rooms into shadowy spaces.*


Not dissimilar from the silhouettes created at dusk when the sky is clear.

Then there’s my fascination with lines and reflections.  This bedroom is in a loft space.  Lines and stripes, everywhere one looks:  from the old fashioned ticking duvet cover, to the tongue and groove wood panelling behind the bed, which itself, is a study in lines.IntostoneLoftRoom

All accentuated by the light that comes from the floor-level skylight.


My ongoing fascination with reflections, glass and light – how to successfully photograph it – has me snapping away at lines of glass in a new shop.  Perhaps an improvement on my first experiment with glass and light?


Still on reflections, the pristine linen and plump pillows in a mirror – without my being in it!


Golden reflections off the stainless steel tanks, waiting in the darkness of a local wine cellar, for the juice of this year’s harvest.

And these last two, I couldn’t decide which to choose:


The reflections in the ice bucket.


Or the clean lines and shadows of these decanters in Suzi Wine’s soon-to-be wine bar.

*A larger, and more spectacular version than the one in my bathroom!

Post Script:


Cee runs photo challenges each week.  I have entered before, and in March 2016, was lucky enough to have an entry selected.  This week’s black and white challenge is perspective and I came to the conclusion that some of these photographs do meet that criterion, so this is my entry into Black & White photo challenge for this week.

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        1. Hahaha! You are very kind. I’m feeling disjointed at the moment. Perhaps more eccentric than eclectic, though… 😉

          1. I know that feeling only too well.
            But as long as we resist the temptation to run around the garden with our underpants on our head, I guess we’re okay for now!
            Be strong … may the wors be with you … or something like that?

          2. Eish! Heaven forbid (or the neighbours) and then the property values would plummet! Just discombobulated – nothing serious. May the wors be with you….preferably on the braai or in a roll!

    1. Thanks, Peggy. By the way, I made your sweet potato cakes over the weekend. They were a hit! Did a couple of things differently, though (not much) and had them as a side dish with cold, seared Marlin.

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