Doors – I

The view from my desk through my office door changes with the seasons. The door is sometimes open and sometimes closed.

The view from my desk through my office door changes with the seasons.  The door is sometimes open and sometimes closed.  We should have been experiencing cold, wet and windy weather, but no, not this year.  By this date, last year, The Husband had measured 116mm rain.  This year:  1,5mm.  The days have been hot and sunny:  between 25 and 29ºC.  The green of the grass is deceiving:  there is an underground stream which keeps this spot in the garden a lush green.


Today though, the door is closed.  There is a northwester blowing:  the promise of rain and, the weatherman says, snow.

We hope.

The yellow leaves on the willow have all but gone.

There are times of the year, particularly on a hot summer evening, the garden is best viewed through a doorway.


Pearli agrees:  this was last July.  Lovely green grass and sunny, yes.  Wet underfoot.  Not good for Princess Pearli.PearliDoorJuly2015But there are much prettier doors:


The only yellow front door in McGregor:  one of the village’s original, Victorian buildings, and its second post office.  In the mid-19th century, post was delivered by donkey cart.


Yesterday, I was invited through this door.  What a spectacle of colour and light awaited.


Artist’s studio-cum-hair salon!

I love this natural lintel over Farmer Judy’s front door.


Finally, another lovely view from a door, taking the inside, out.


Post Script

This week’s regular post was 24 hours late, so this is by way of compensation, and an advance apology in case I’m late again next week.  Things are interestingly chaotic and exciting as this begins to come together.

Fellow blogger, Norm posts and hosts Thursday Doors.  This is my first contribution.  It is also my most recent contribution to one of Cee’s challenges.


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24 thoughts on “Doors – I”

    1. Thank you, Dan. Ironically, the only really historical building in this selection, is the one with the yellow door. All the other buildings are less than 20 years old.

  1. If it’s winter and it’s Doors then all one can do is hand over to Jim Morrison who’ll say, ”Baby won’t you light my fire.”


    1. Thank you, Jean. McGregor is a rare example of unspoilt Victorian and Georgian architecture in South Africa. The locals are trying to preserve that character. That little thatch though, is less than 20 years old, though!

        1. It is. And “quaint” is the adjective most used to describe our village. Thanks for joining my bunch of favourites!

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