A trip into town

It’s not often that The Husband and I head into town on a Saturday and even less so with time on our hands. For some reason, this particular Saturday in April, we took it upon ourselves to head into town and to the nursery. Every time we go to the nursery, we pass this unmissable house.

It’s not often that The Husband and I head into town on a Saturday and even less so with time on our hands.  For some reason, this particular Saturday in April, we took it upon ourselves to head into town and to the nursery.  What we were looking for doesn’t matter – we were too late.  Every time we go to the nursery, we pass this unmissable house.


An original Victorian cottage, it has received some modern (and not-so-modern) embellishments.  No, I’m not talking about the vibacrete wall that is virtually ubiquitous in South Africa, or the metal window frames that have replaced the original, oblong sash windows.


I wonder who’s shoe that is, and how did the one with the almost-lost-sole end up there?  How old is that frying pan, not to mention that colander?  How many people have they fed?  Was that today’s coffee in the plunger hiding among the other empty pots on the wall?


Surrounding the front door is the soundtrack to someone’s life – preserved in vinyl, with a “bottle” of local vino chucked in.  Two generations of Quality Street also grace the other side – sweets and biscuits don’t often come in tins anymore.  Images of lives, memories and people.


Father Christmas and nose-picking Goblin peak out of the old shoe bag, making one wonder who else lurks in its other pockets….SAM_6607The old Blaupunkt transistor radio, on the floor among the pot plants below Goblin, reminded me of  childhood evenings before television arrived, and when listening to the radio was a family activity, rather than something one only did in the car, listening to traffic reports.

Happy Hippo on the gatepost watches all, smiling at everyone, including mad women with cameras.



Happy Hippo, I thought, would make a great entry into this week’s Black and White Photo Challenge.


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32 thoughts on “A trip into town”

    1. It is! I thought so, too. Quite a lot of thought went into that. I do want to go back and look an a few months to a year and see what’s changed.

        1. Oh, in time, yes! I post once a week and have a few ideas stashed away…

          Thanks for stopping by, Cynthia, and for the follow.

  1. You’re right Fiona. That is definitely an unmissable house and what a great idea to hang all those stuff there. Clearly it makes people stop and think. Everything there will definitely have a story to tell. Great shots and the hippo is just adorable. Looks great in B&W too. 😀 ♥

        1. As far as I can remember. That was the first time I stopped, so I don’t know about changes/additions. Perhaps I should re-visit in a year’s time to see…

          1. Yes, it would be interesting to see if they change or add new things. Sounds like very interesting folks that live there. 😀

    1. I think if you look more closely at the photograph of the radio, you’ll get your answer. I think they just sweep round… and leave the rest to the wind… 😉

  2. What a fabulous front verandah. I may just get carried away on my own! And the hippo is perfect. Poor John collects them and that would make a great addition.

    1. I also love hippos. I have a tiny one that I bought from the original Ngwenya Glass factory in Swaziland in about 1991. I did think that that was a great way to “manage” and repurpose old stuff.

    1. Been wanting to stop and do that for ages. Took another 2 sets of great photos that day: down by the river and more tremendous trees…posts to follow in time…

    1. Ahhh! Loved those. Take me back! I will find and share a link that did the rounds on Facebook of that period… Tomorrow’s another day…

  3. Nice!
    Like you, I rarely go into town. But the wife was on a quest for something at the Oriental Plaza and we were obliged to drive through Jo’burg – not much fun any more. Anyhow, I drove over Nelson Mandela Bridge via Newtown and outside a coffee shop were several sculptured heads on plinths in a similar vein as your hippo. I must post the photo.

    1. Do. Although I make pretty frequent trips to Joburg, I’ve not been to the “revamped” Newtown precinct. My memory remains firmly rooted in the 80’s and the era of the market, The Market and the Yard of Ale, Harridans and, of course, Kippies…. At the time, parts of Diagonal Street were also fascinating places to go… Enough rambling…and reminiscing…. 😀

      1. Mine too!
        I used to work at the Carlton Centre and later in Main Street.
        I would not dream of going ”Walkabout” these days.
        Not my cup of tea at all.
        I’ll dig out the photo a bit later.

        1. Look forward to that! I worked at the Chamber of Mines at the other end of Main St. Spent many a lunch hour in the Carlton Centre! Small world…..

          1. I used to work at Franco the King in the Carlton Centre and later at Franco’s on Main next to Avis.

            Go on, tell me you popped in to either salon to have your hair done. I may have even done it!

          2. Ah, gee, no, sorry I can’t tell you that I did. I used to have my hair done at a spot in…Hillbrow! Lived in Yeoville… 😀

          3. Hmm…the one I went to was run by a German woman. Can’t remember its name. Scratches head – can’t remember. Could take you there – not far from Hillbrow Records and Tropical Foods….

    1. Isn’t it wonderful? I wasn’t entirely comfortable photographing the front of someone’s home so was pretty snappy (ha!) about it and only made some of those discoveries as I was going through the pics. Wish I had a better zoom – would love to know what is on those records….

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