Bathroom Bliss

A lovely bathroom is every (virtually) woman’s dream, When we looked at this house, I fell in love with the bathroom.
The Husband sighed.

I have a friend who’s non-negotiable when looking for a new abode, is a “Princess Bathroom”.  A lovely bathroom is every (virtually) woman’s dream and in almost every home I’ve lived in, I’ve tried to make a pretty bathroom.  When we looked at this house, I fell in love with the bathroom (among other things – for another time…).
The Husband sighed.
That bath and the view out and to the Iceberg roses;  the floor and the quirky taps, not to mention the handcrafted ceramic washbasin adorned with geckos, all appealed to me and my somewhat eclectic approach to things.  I had instant plans which began with the “bling” plug chains*, the curtains on black rods and the crystal door handle**.
This is how the bathroom stayed for a couple of years until, one Saturday, as is my wont, I was visiting a friend at her shop in the village.  Clever Girl (she really is) stocks all sorts of things from new, different clothing to second-hand items ranging from antiques to things more modern and “unwanted”.  That Saturday, she had boxes and boxes of stuff to go through:  old and new;  some items so “new”, they had never been unpacked.  One such was the pair of silver-grey, voile curtains.
My bathroom was waiting for them.
A price was negotiated and they were duly installed and tabs were added to the muslin curtains (their second makeover) and, along with the other bits and bobs I’d been adding, the bathroom was taking shape.
I love having a long, leisurely bath after a day in the kitchen or garden and, yes, with a well earned spritzer close at hand.
Bathroom_wine_2015But the light fitting really bothered me:  it was fugly.
Bathroom_light_oldIt didn’t look right and I began thinking that a chandelier might work.  What and how, bearing in mind that although our house is Victorian Style, it’s only about ten years old and is alternative technology.  So, whatever I did needed, to “jive”.  How does one do “alternative” bling?
It took a while, and as so often happens, the answer was right under my nose.  In McGregor we have the very talented African Queen who creates work for local women, and who designs the most beautiful decor and light fittings using seed pods.
I announced that it was one of her lights I thought would work.
The Husband was skeptical, but came with me one afternoon and said light was “commissioned”.
Then the call came:  “Fiona, your chandelier is ready.  Can I drop it off?”
I couldn’t wait.  It arrived and I opened the box to find the jacaranda pods carefully painted and adorned, fixed to a beaded frame and needing to be fitted – immediately!
The poor Husband.
Lucky me.
Installed, the chandelier is beautiful and has turned, as Lorraine says, my “princess” bathroom into one fit for a queen!
*Created by the talented team at Dragon Fly Studio, McGregor
**Sourced by and from Toca Madera Interiors, Paarl
© Fiona’s Favourites

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