Pearli's Pickles V

You know, the old story, while the cat’s away, the mice will play? Well, this is what happened, in a manner of speaking, when

Pearli’s been in a pickle – again!
You know the old story that while the cat’s away, the mice will play?  Well, this is what happened, in a manner of speaking, when the Cat’s Mother was on a business trip, recently.
She arrives home for The Husband to say, “Pearli is not very happy…”
No, she wasn’t.   Muddied and curled into a tight ball (on the bed in the guest room, no less), she wasn’t speaking to anyone.
The Husband seemed to think that she had had an altercation with Monster Cat and had come off second best.  Monster Cat has been around for months, nay, for about two years, actually, and has been terrorising not just Melon and Pearli, but also other usually fearless felines in our neighbourhood.  The Husband has tried to catch him;  other Cat’s Mothers in the area have also had to take steps to protect their formerly fearsome felines from the vagaries of Monster Cat.
Monster Cat is large and is a Siamese cross – his looks belie his nature:  he is very cunning and very bold.  He has found his way, through the cat flap and into The Sandbag House, more than once.
One such occasion had some unhappy consequences for both Monster Cat and The Husband, who ended up with a burst blood vessel in his eye, from having rather aggressively chased said cat out of the house – in the wee hours of the morning.
Monster Cat is quick;  not to be caught on camera.
So, returning to the day in question, the Cat’s Mother cleaned up a very irritated Pearli who, after a long sleep, seemed not too the worse for wear.
Two days later, there was a repeat performance.  The screeching and snarling could be heard from somewhere in the empty plot across the road.
Pearli hared home:  she arrived covered in mud and, this time, faeces.
No, Pearli was definitely not going to inveigle the Cat’s Mother into allowing her to snuggle up in the guest room.  Besides, the Son From Another Mother was having an afternoon kip and was not to be disturbed.  Or so one hoped. When the Cat’s Mother and The Husband cleaned her up – this time with, horror of horrors, water – she moaned and wailed.
“The Cat’s Mother is TOOOORTURING me!”
All clean, she recovered her “cattitude” and seemed fine, except for a poorly ear, which didn’t seem bad enough to warrant a visit to the vet.
Hmm, yes.  Pearli should probably have seen the plastic surgeon.   It’s healed, but the ear is now rather tatty!
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10 thoughts on “Pearli's Pickles V”

  1. I think I would be inclined to borrow a trap (maybe from a nearby SPCA?) and catch monster cat and get him neutered. Or otherwise removed from the gene pool. Do you know who “owns” him?

    1. We tried the trap – borrowed from the rescue organisation whence Pearli came. The Husband having had experience trapping cats (or trying) in a past life, gave it a go. For about three months the trap was strategically placed along routes we knew Monster Cat took, baited and set. Nothing. Niks. The bait disappeared.
      No-one knows who “owns” him, so we’ve all come to the conclusion that he’s been abandoned. Removal from the gene pool is the ultimate solution, but we’d still need to catch him and deal with the fall out…. In the meantime, winter’s set in and we’ve not seen him. So either Monster Cat has gone to warmer hunting grounds or succumbed to wet and/or cold. That would also be a solution. We shall see….

  2. Poor Pearli! We have a ‘bad cat’ that terrorisies our two, we used to call him ‘sad cat’ because he always looked so pathetic until he drew blood from Buttons and he’s been ‘bad cat’ ever since. Water pistols seems to be working as decent deterrent to keep him out of our flat though.

    1. Problem, Pottsy, with Monster Cat, is that he’s so quick, and it’s easy to flee out of our garden. People who’ve seen Monster Cat, but don’t know him, ask who that “beautiful” cat belongs to….

  3. Wow, Pearli is in the wars! Tell her to take some time out.
    I did the courgette pickle the other day too. Just made a small jar, (without sugar :D), but very nice. I’m going to be experimenting to make a homemade Branston type pickle next. (See the connection, pickle? …)

    1. Yes! And Pearli is always in the wars! This morning she got herself locked in my shoe cupboard! Discovered only when I heard her trying them on…. Permanently in a pickle, she is 🙂

    2. Oh dear, oh dear!!! Pearli now has a tatty ear exactly like Rory, what can we do?! Don’t like the sound of ‘Monster Cat’ though, horrid! xxx

      1. Not much, I suppose! Just patch them! Monster Cat is a worry. Touch wood, he’s not been around for a while. Too cold (and wet last week), I think.

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