Pearli's Pickles – IV

Pearli is a prodigious huntress.  It’s a fact and it’s what felines do.  I don’t enjoy it and, in her defence, if the prey is edible, she eats it.  Even if she leaves evidence for the Cat’s Parents to clean up.
Pearli_Bird_FeathersFeb2015The other day, however, she found herself thwarted.  A couple of days earlier, the Cat’s Father commented that Pearli didn’t seem to have caught any mice recently.  Then, yesterday, the Cat’s Mother spied Pearli in a familiar stance on the lawn and went to investigate.
Only to find Big Bad Baby Mole.
Oh, Mum, what big teeth he has!  And he’s shouting at me!
SAM_2415Ah, yes, but what Pearli didn’t spy were Big Bad Baby Mole’s big feet.  As she watched, Bad, Bad Mole dug his way out of trouble!
Pearli_BadBadMoleAh, Mum, where did he go?
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