Pearli's Pickles – III

Pearli’s in a pickle.  But she doesn’t know it yet.  She has, even as a tiny kitten, been a trollop.  After a jaunt, she’d rush home and clamber onto the Cat’s Mother’s lap.  Totally pooped.
After Rosie, the Cat’s Mother was, admittedly, a little paranoid.  She was to be forgiven though because the little mite was not quite three months old.  However, after Pearli’s being returned more than once by concerned neighbours, and then hearing concerned passersby, visitors to the village, commenting on such a lovely kitten, “Must be lost…”, Cat’s Mother was her wit’s end.
A collar had to be acquired.  Fast.  And one that was a) small enough, and b) could be written upon.  No time to have fancy tags made.  Besides they would cost all four of Pearli’s scrawny arms and legs, as well as the Cat’s Mother’s much less scrawny ones, at such short notice.  The first collar was conventional and at a cost that spared the limbs.  Pearli lost that one three times, but not before she’d been brought home several times, including by a gentleman and his son who found her up at the dam, about a kilometer up the hill, behind our house.  On a very hot day.
After that, desperate times required desperate measures.  Fortunately, Angel Jeweler makes wonderful jewellery, both of the real kind, and of the kind that a pretty kitty might wear, and she came to the rescue.  Often.

A selection of Pearli’s collars including one of my bracelets  (also made by Angel Jeweler) as a temporary measure…

Finally, after not quite six months and discovering that Pearli does come home to the Cat’s Mother (most nights), and having long, friendly discussions with those with whom she has the occasional morning snuggle, morning and/or afternoon nap, and milestone celebrations, we’ve made peace with this.
Which brings me back to her current pickle.  Some of the Lovely People, with whom she’d regularly play and have a morning snuggle, left the village today.  She had wonderful fun with them and even had her own bowl of water so that she wouldn’t be totally parched on returning home.
Last evening as we bid Lovely People adieu and Godspeed, she was watching us, a rather unlikely Gollum, through the vines above us.
Pearli will miss them and hopes that Lovely People will return to the village – at least for a visit and a cuddle.
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